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Always wanted to go to wonderful Egypt on vacation? Then a Nile Cruise is the ideal way to discover Egypt. With plenty of sights that Egypt has to offer, you will never get tired of this country during a Nile cruise. During a Nile cruise, you can see the beautiful scenery of Egypt, enjoy the friendly people, and admire many rich art treasures. A Nile cruise is the perfect way to get acquainted with this wonderful relaxing country and all the highlights of Egypt to admire.

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The best way to get to know Egypt is on a cruise. During a Nile cruise, you can get acquainted with all the beauty of ancient Egypt, by cruising the Nile in a pleasant way. The price tag of a Nile cruise is very different because it depends on several factors. The moment you book the Nile cruise, the service that the organization offers, the quality of the food and the care, and of course the period that you want to attend the Nile cruise in Egypt During a Nile cruise, you will dock at different locations to visit various sights that are very impressive. During the cruise on the Nile River.

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A holiday to Egypt has much to offer, including the nearly 7,000 kilometers long Nile River, which is enormously popular with many tourists. The Nile begins in East Africa and flows through Egypt and Sudan to the Mediterranean Sea, which is why the Nile is also called the gift of Egypt. Without the Nile, Egypt would have no fertile land and therefore an uninhabited area, because 90% of Egypt consists of desert. The west side of the Nile contains fertile areas also called the Nile Valley. Along the Nile, you will find many palms and other trees giving this area a tropical look. There are also various animals that live in the Nile such as crocodiles, hippos, and many species of fish. To prevent flooding of the Nile, several lakes and rivers have been constructed to drain off excess water

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Egypt Nile cruise and stay all-inclusive

Nile cruise holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years and an all-inclusive holiday is a perfect solution to have everything taken care of during your vacation. Some fixed days during the week.
If you book a cruise vacation then you often have a choice between 5 and luxury cruises in Egypt. With each cruise, everything will be well taken care of and you are assured that you will not be short. A cruise in Egypt can be booked with an all-inclusive package so you can enjoy the vacation carefreely and do not have to chase food or drink. A last-minute all-inclusive holiday in Egypt is a very pleasant way of vacationing during your Nile cruise. In addition to all meals of the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can also enjoy unlimited drinks and snacks. In addition, you can choose different travel durations for a cruise on the Nile, often these vacations are offered from 4 days to 5 days. The cruise boats have a good and varied entertainment program, a swimming pool on board, and a sun terrace. The evenings onboard are always special – with excellent dinners and exciting programs that usually last until late at night. From the ship’s deck, you can enjoy magnificent views of the Nile.
A Nile cruise will be a fantastic and unforgettable experience for everyone.

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During the Nile cruise, you stay on board a spacious ship and it is possible to sunbathe on the sun deck. You can discover the treasures of Egypt by taking part in the excursions en route, which can always be booked in advance. The cruise sails along with the fantastic tombs, large temple complexes, and Egyptian peasant villages. At each Nile cruise, the possibilities are different again in terms of booking. Often they are somewhat the same possibilities that each organization has to offer. For example, a visit to Luxor, where one finds temples and the Valley of the Kings with many tombs and pharaohs, is very famous. Another stop is Aswan where one can visit the Aswan Dam and Obelisk during the Nile cruise.

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What do you see on a Nile River cruise?

A cruise down the Nile usually begins in the enchantingly beautiful city of Luxor. This former capital of the Egyptian Empire is like a huge open-air museum. Everywhere you look, you are face to face with the legacies of ancient Egypt. Every cruise has excursions to the Temple of Amon and the Temple of Luxor on the program, but sometimes you also have a free afternoon to see this special city on your own. Highlights in Luxor include the Temple of Ramses III, the Colossi of Memnon, and the Luxor Museum.

Luxor Day Tours Egypt
  • Temple of Amon

The most famous structure in Luxor is the Temple of Amon, a huge structure made up of many smaller temples and structures. The complex was dedicated to the triad of Thebes, of which Amon was the most important god. You simply cannot leave Luxor without having walked through the impressive colonnade of the complex.

Temple of Amon
  • Valley of the Kings

One of the highlights of your visit to Egypt is to see the Valley of the Kings. This remote stretch of the desert used to be where the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were buried. Archaeologists have now uncovered 63 royal tombs in the area, ten of which are open to the public. Take a look into the ancient burial chambers and admire the tombs decorated with hieroglyphics. Following this, a visit is often made to the Valley of the Queens, where the female members of the royal family were buried after their death.

Valley of the Kings
  • Temple of Horus

South of Luxor is the city of Edfu, with the Temple of Horus as its main attraction. The construction of this temple began in the year 237 BC and today it is among the best-preserved temples in the entire country. There are a lot of rooms and spaces to explore in the building, but don’t forget to study the inscriptions and drawings on the walls of the courtyard.

Temple of Horus
  • Temple of Kom Ombo

The Temple of Kom Ombo is a special one because actually it consists of two separate temples for two different gods. One half is dedicated to the falcon god Horus, the other half to the crocodile god Sobek. The Nile used to be full of crocodiles, and they were honored here. The special thing about this structure is that everything is double: there are two entrance gates, two colonnades, and two altars.

Temple of Kom Ombo
  • Aswan

A good 200 kilometers south of Luxor lies the sunny city of Aswan, the last stop on a journey up the Nile. Depending on your program and the duration of your trip, you can disembark here for a day or half a day to discover the city. Aswan is smaller than Luxor and can largely be explored on foot. Be sure to visit the Aswan Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the Isi Temple on the island of Philae. Philae, by the way, is not the only islet near Aswan; Kitchener Island and Elephantine are also fun places to explore.

  • Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel consists of two temples that were carved out of a mountain by the order of Ramses II. Most impressive are the giant facades, which at both are decorated with huge statues of the pharaoh, but just as interesting is the story of the movie. Because the temples were in danger of flooding after the construction of the Aswan Dam, they were moved to higher ground in the 1960s. The temples were cut into pieces and reassembled at their new location.

abu simbel aswan egypt

Although Abu Simbel is a short distance south of Aswan, this archaeological site is not included in every program by default. If you would like to see this extraordinary complex, make sure to note this when booking your cruise.

How to book Nile River cruise

How to choose a Nile cruise

The Nile is long, and there are countless options for exploring the river and its surroundings: from a few days to over two weeks, and combined with a trip over land or perhaps even a visit to chaotic Cairo. Most travelers, however, opt for a week-long trip between Luxor and Aswan, with a possible side trip to southern Abu Simple.

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