Best time to travel to Cairo Egypt

The best time to travel to Cairo in Egypt

The gift of the Nile, the mother of the world and many of the names that have been associated with the name of Egypt over the years, and with a tour you will discover that tourism in Egypt is not a visit to the majestic pyramids or a tour on the beach in Alexandria, but rather a jump in history to see the achievement of the past from art and literature, not to mention the treatment of the good people, and you cannot start a visit to Egypt without tourism in Cairo, the icon of Egypt and its eternal capital.

The best time to visit Cairo:
The winter season is considered the tourist season in Cairo, where the value of reservations is between 50 to 82 dollars per room per night, and January is the busiest month of the year, the lowest room reservation is 82 dollars per room, and the amount may jump high depending on the increase in the tourist flow.

I recommend heading to Cairo in October or February, both of which are characterized by pleasant weather without the high heat, and reasonable hotel rates of about $46 per night.

Avoid visiting Cairo in December, as it is the most expensive month for bookings, which reaches 106%, due to the holiday season and New Year’s Eve, and the rise starts from December 15 and continues until January 07.

If you want to spend your summer vacation in Cairo, you will want to know that from the beginning of July, reservations reach $70 and continue until September, while spring is pleasant even in its cost, which is approximately $46 per night.

Weather in Cairo:
Cairo is characterized as a city of sun and warmth with high temperatures in the summer, reaching an average of 37 degrees Celsius, and July is the peak month and the temperature may exceed 37 degrees Celsius.

While winter in Cairo is pleasant and sunny with warm breezes, with temperatures revolving around the value of 17 degrees Celsius, while spring temperatures rise at an acceptable pace to reach 24 degrees Celsius in March, and increase in April to reach 29 degrees Celsius.

Cairo rains:
The country of sun and warmth has a rainy winter, and the peak of the rainy months is in January, while the spring witnesses some intermittent rainfall, while Cairo’s summer is sunny without any possibility of rain.

The warmth of its people, the beauty of its landscapes, and the grandeur of its monuments make holidays in Egypt one of the favorite options for tourists.
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