Celebrating Joy: Exploring Egypt Easter Holiday Traditions

As Easter approaches, Egypt becomes a really cool place to be! Just imagine a mix of old traditions and exciting celebrations on that day. Egypt Easter holiday here is like a big party with lots of interesting stuff. 

People who are interested in celebrating Orthodox Easter do special prayers in Coptic churches to celebrate Easter, and there’s delicious food too. From prayers in churches to fun times on the streets, Egypt gets super lively during Easter.

When is Egypt Easter Holiday?

Easter in Egypt changes every year. It’s like a moveable party that happens on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the start of spring. Egypt has a big group of Coptic Christians, and they celebrate Easter on a different date than some other places. 

The exact day can vary. If you want to know when Easter is in Egypt for a specific year, it’s best to check the Coptic Orthodox Church calendar. Therefore, they follow a different calendar, so it might not be the same day as in some other places.

egypt easter holiday

Do Egyptians Celebrate Easter?

The day after Easter is Sham El Nessim, which is an ancient Egyptian spring festival celebrated on Monday. Egyptians from different backgrounds celebrate Sham El Nessim, not just Christians. 

During Sham El Nessim, Egyptians traditionally enjoy outdoor activities, picnics, and Egypt easter holiday food. The special foods associated with the celebration include colored eggs, salted fish (like Fesikh), green onions, and lettuce. 

On that day, families often gather to spend the day outdoors, enjoying nature and the spring weather. The festival has deep roots in Egyptian culture and reflects the country’s historical and agricultural traditions.

Is Easter a Holiday in Egypt?

Although the majority of Egyptians are Muslims, there is a substantial Christian minority, who are adherents of the Coptic Orthodox Church. For Christians in Egypt, Easter is a major religious celebration, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, that is why Easter is a holiday for Christians.

egypt easter holiday

Egypt Easter Holiday Traditions

Here are some common traditions associated with the Easter holiday in Egypt:

Church Services and Midnight Prayers

Easter Sunday is a significant day for Coptic Christians in Egypt, and Christians attend these services to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, especially at Saint Mark Church.

Colored Eggs

Like Bulgarian cultures, Egyptians celebrate Easter with colored eggs. Therefore, families often dye eggs in vibrant colors and exchange them as a symbol of joy and renewal. 

Traditional Foods

Egypt Easter holiday involves enjoying special traditional foods such as Fesikh, a type of fermented and salted fish, is a classic dish associated with the holiday. Additionally, festive meals include sweet pastries, symbolizing the joy and happiness of the occasion.

Family Gatherings and Picnics

This is the time for families to gather together, so many Egyptians take advantage of the pleasant spring weather by organizing outdoor picnics and gatherings. In Egypt, parks and open spaces become lively as families enjoy quality time with loved relatives and friends.

Spring Cleaning and New Clothes

It is common for households to undergo a thorough cleaning of their houses because this symbolizes a fresh start and the renewal of life. Additionally, many Christians prefer to buy new clothes to wear on Easter Sunday, signifying a new beginning.

Acts of Charity and Kindness

Easter is also a time for acts of charity and kindness. Many Coptic churches engage in giving to the less fortunate, making donations, or volunteering during the holiday season.

Decorations and Festive Atmosphere

In the Easter season, homes are often adorned with decorations. Colorful banners, lights, and floral arrangements contribute to the festive atmosphere, creating a sense of joy and celebration throughout communities.

egypt easter holiday

Egypt Easter Holiday Packages: Travel Tips

There are many travel tips you should know before traveling to Egypt for Easter. Here are the following for Egypt Easter holiday packages:

  • Plan your trip to Egypt for Easter in advance, and ensure early bookings for hotels and transportation to guarantee availability for the services and places you want to visit. Here in Package Holidays to Egypt facilitates every step while you are visiting Egypt in Easter.
  • Dress appropriately for the spring weather in Egypt. Egypt’s weather at that time can be moderate, but nights may be cool, so don’t forget to bring lightweight clothes and layers for warmth.
  • Egypt has a lot of conservative communities, so remember that Egypt celebrates Easter in its own unique way. Therefore, you should respect local traditions and be mindful of prayer times and religious celebrations.
  • Try local cuisine during your vacation in Egypt. There are many traditional foods associated with Easter, such as Fesikh and traditional sweets.
  • Just engage with local residents and ask them about events and lesser-known tourist spots. They may offer valuable tips to enhance your experience.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the local currency value, Egyptian pounds, and make sure to carry some small change for use in smaller shops.
  • Try to learn some basic Arabic phrases to facilitate communication with Egyptians and enhance your cultural experience.


To sum it up, Easter in Egypt is a mix of old traditions, lively celebrations, and a rich cultural blend. From church services to street parties and tasty traditional food, it’s a special time that brings people together. 

The festivities show the unique harmony of Egypt’s history and its present spirit. Easter in Egypt is like a bridge connecting the past with today’s joy. It’s a chance to enjoy the essence of renewal, happiness, and unity in a place where ancient wonders meet the excitement of the modern world. Just have a look on our tours and book your order.

The warmth of its people, the beauty of its landscapes, and the grandeur of its monuments make holidays in Egypt one of the favorite options for tourists.
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