From the Streets of Cairo: How Egyptian Shawarma Became a Global Sensation

From the Streets of Cairo: How Egyptian Shawarma Became a Global Sensation

Egyptian Shawarma

Egyptian shawarma is one of the delicious and beloved popular dishes for many people, and there are multiple types of shawarma, including chicken shawarma, turkey, and meat, and the shawama dish is usually served with chickpeas or in addition to different types of salads, Shawarma is very popular among Egyptians, and the roots of the origin of shawarma go back to the Levant and the Ottoman countries.

Preparing Egyptian Shawarma

How to make Egyptian meat shawarma Ingredients Lamb meat with fat and without bone. A quarter cup of red vinegar and olive oil. One and a half teaspoons of black pepper. One teaspoon each of: Cinnamon, cardamom and grated nutmeg, preferably fresh. A pinch of mastic. Salt. Three tomatoes cut into slices, and onions cut into thin slices.

Types of shawarma

01. Egyptian Chicken Shawarma
Chicken shawarma is one of the fast foods that people eat in different restaurants, and it is prepared using chicken and different vegetables.

02. Egyptian meat shawarma
Beef Shawarma is one of the most famous oriental cuisines that originated in Turkey and Anatolia, and this dish can be prepared either with boneless slices of meat.

03. Syrian shawarma
Egyptian shawarma differs from Syrian shawarma in terms of spices, condiments, and type of bread, but it is admired by many in Egypt and has become famous and served in saj bread or baking decoys and pickles.

04. Turkish shawarma
“Sultan Ayoub” is a Turkish restaurant famous for serving Turkish food with high quality, as it offers pies, shawarma sandwiches, fattah, in addition to Arabic dishes, and delicious Turkish-style marinated grills, and what distinguishes it is the presence of the “Special Sultan’s Chicken” dish, and its ingredients are (slices of shawarma Chicken marinated with Turkish seasoning, pickled cucumbers, garlic, potatoes, potatoes, Turkish special sauce, slices of cheddar cheese and smoked turkey), and for lovers of spicy food, we offer them a jalapeno meat sandwich, and it contains (slices of meat shawarma marinated with Turkish seasoning, onion slices, garlic, potatoes, Turkish special sauce, jalapeno slices).

05. Shawarma Shami
“Ward Al Sham” restaurant is keen to provide the best food to its customers, and to provide diversity in meals from Syrian shawarma to chicken crispy, kofta and grills, with fast delivery of orders, offers on friends’ meals and free delivery, and as for shawarma, the restaurant offers different types of shawarma, starting with chicken or meat shawarma in Saj or French bread Or Syrian according to your taste, while if you are a fan of meals and fattah, there is an “Arabic Shawarma” meal served with potatoes and garlic, or “Shawarma Fattah” with yellow rice and toasted bread, in addition to the “Box Shawarma Mix” meal consisting of chicken and meat shawarma sandwich pieces cut into slices with French fries, pickles and four sauces, it will be perfect and satisfying for you.

06. Lebanese shawarma
Lebanese restaurants have been present in Egypt for many decades, but they have recently spread and have become popular in many areas. If you want to eat authentic Lebanese food, or you are a fan of shawarma of all kinds, you should try the “Hamra Street” restaurant in Talaat Harb Square in Downtown, and the name is inspired by the famous Hamra Street in Beirut, and provides delicious Lebanese food in general and shawarma in particular, to eat the sweetest Lebanese sandwich of meat or chicken.

Best Shawarma Restaurants in Egypt

Shawarma is one of the most famous oriental foods, and its origins go back to the Levant and the Ottoman Empire, and it is one of the fast and ready meals, and shawarma can be served with chicken and meat with tomatoes and green peppers or sauce. Let’s get to know the most important shawarma restaurants you should try in Cairo.
1- Samsa
It has long been recognized as one of the best shawarma restaurants in Egypt, and it’s more famous than ever.
Address: 6 Dokki Street – Giza

2- Abu Mazen
One of the best Syrian shawarma restaurants in Egypt. It has many branches. It is characterized by quality, cleanliness and a variety of sizes.
Address: 3A Damascus Street, Roxy – Heliopolis

3- Al Reem
If you’re looking for a mozzarella shawarma fattah with specialty potatoes, there’s no better place to go than Al Reem, which is arguably the best fattah.
Address: 1 Dokki Street, in front of Orman Park

4- Anas Damascene
He has special marinades that give his shawarma a different taste. That’s why he is one of the best shawarma restaurants in Egypt.
Address: 6 Supply and Supply Buildings, El Nasr Road, Nasr City

5- Khairat Al Sham
Shawarma has different types. You can also try their special mix fattah, which has their own special blend.
Address: 17th Street next to Saudi Market – Katameya Mall

6- Rosto Restaurant
It is a restaurant that serves Syrian shawarma, pizza, sandwiches, and appetizers, with branches in Mokattam, 6th of October, and Sheikh Zayed, you can order from the restaurant through the numbers on the menu.
The menu includes items such as meat and chicken shawarma, margarita pizza, Rosto salad, hummus, fattoush, tabbouleh, and more.

7- Saj & Shawarma The original Syrian
One of the Syrian shawarma shops that shawarma lovers and chicken shawarma lovers go to, so if you are a chicken shawarma lover, you must stop by Saj and Shawarma in the Zamalek and Manial neighborhoods.

And more than that, there are restaurants famous for the best taste of Egyptian shawarma, which is considered one of the most delicious meals.


Shawarma is one of the most popular foods in Egypt, and for some people it is so popular that it becomes their hormone of happiness, and although there are many types of shawarma such as Lebanese, Syrian and others, the Egyptian shawarma has a special taste.

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