Holidays To Egypt Advice: Top Must Tips for Traveling to Egypt

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Egypt travel advice

Egypt contains many mosques, churches, temples, and ancient libraries dating back to ancient times, making it a source of attraction for tourists from all over the world.
Egypt is distinguished by its containment of the Nile River and its banks, in addition to the delta, and it also contains deserts and mountains in which the seas descend, specifically in the eastern and northern borders of the country, and the Nile Valley is one of the most distinctive places in Egypt, and this country also contains colorful plateau and highlands, in addition to The presence of the Sinai Peninsula.

Why travel to Egypt

Holidays To Egypt Advice

The answer is clear: it is necessary to know firsthand the place where a civilization without equal was forged. Because it is a country full of history and with a millennial and totally amazing history. Everyone should go to Egypt, whether you like history or not because what you will see there will surprise you, it will arouse your curiosity and you will want to know more. I assure you.

Egypt travel information guide

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Essential information in a vacation to Egypt

  • People: Egyptians are warm and welcoming people.
  • Religion: 95% Islamic
  • Currency: Egyptian pound (1 USD is about 16 LE & 1 euro is about 19 LE) is a value that is continuously fluctuating.
  • Wi-Fi: practically everywhere in hotels and tourist restaurants.
  • ATM: you can withdraw anywhere up to a maximum of 3000 Egyptian pounds (depends on the ATM)
  • Visa: stress-free. Visa on arrival is possible at all airports and land borders for 25 USD. Bring the dollars if you have them or you can also pay in euros. The visa can also be done online before departure. This visa allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Is a journey to Egypt dangerous? No, Egypt is not dangerous to travel by yourself, let alone with an organized trip.
That said, safety in Egypt varies from area to area. There are definitely areas where the Egyptian government advises (and others where it is forbidden) tourists to travel alone, for example, North Sinai and the Suez Canal area.
In terms of security, Egypt certainly does not have a great reputation. There have been terrorist attacks and some incidents in recent decades and the not-so-recent revolutions still frighten tourists. Should not prevent you from traveling to Egypt. The tourist areas, Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, Hurghada, etc. are totally safe and heavily guarded by armed police forces.
As for the Sinai Peninsula, every vehicle entering and leaving this region is regularly checked by the police.
In the end, Egypt is safe for traveling.

Don’t miss the pyramids of Giza and the millions of artifacts housed in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. For more information on Egypt travel packages.

How Many Days in Egypt, How Long Should You Stay In Egypt?

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Egypt has many places to visit. Not only the main monumental cities: Luxor, Aswan, Cairo and Alexandria. Many choose to visit the Red Sea area or go to the Siwa Oasis. Therefore, it is difficult to establish a number of days. I would say that the minimum you need to see the sights is 7 days in Egypt, to 10 days in Egypt. After that, the more the better.

Best time to travel Egypt

Holidays To Egypt Advice

As for the season, the most advisable is to travel in autumn and winter, from October to March. Temperatures can reach an average of 25 degrees during the day and about 10 degrees at night (depending on the area there are variations). In spring and summer, the heat is suffocating and can reach over 40 degrees in the hottest hours.

What to Pack for Egypt

Holidays To Egypt Advice

So what to bring for your health and safety!

  • Travel first aid kit: a first aid kit like this one in which I also put a broad-spectrum antibiotic, intestinal disinfectant.
  • Travel insurance: indispensable as always.
  • Sunblock and after sunscreen: you cannot travel to Egypt without sunscreen, especially if you spend a few days on the Red Sea.
  • Wet wipes: always a good idea, refreshing wipes give you a moment to breathe.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sandals
  • lightweight linen or cotton trousers
  • a sweater or sweater for cool evening temperatures
  • Light t-shirts that dry fast.
  • hat
  • sunglasses (absolutely essential)
  • beach towel

Other essential things to bring
Multiple sockets: if you have several smartphones or cameras to load, there are not many sockets in hotel rooms.

What clothes do they wear in Egypt?

Holidays To Egypt Advice

This must be something that worries a lot when traveling to Egypt because it is another of the recurring questions. In Egypt, you can dress the way you want. in shorts, in suspenders. There is no restriction in terms of clothing to enter the monuments.
However, in Cairo, you have to take into account that if you are going to visit a mosque, you have to be covered, both shoulders, head, and legs.

How Much Does it Cost to go to Egypt?

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Egypt a fairly cheap destination, today you can travel safely, you can travel to Egypt and prepare a special budget for that trip to Egypt, whether you are looking for tours with a limited budget or luxury tours.
Hotels and guesthouses have really good prices, as well as restaurants and transport.

Tipping in Egypt advice

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Tips or baksheesh, that is tip. It is established as a “custom” that you should leave a tips in any establishment, we recommendation is that you give it when you feel that you deserve it, because there are some really charming jinxes and others that without doing anything demand it.

Photos in Egypt

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Outdoor photos are allowed. In the museums, you have to pay a separate ticket (in the Cairo Museum). In the Valley of the Kings, if you want to enter with the camera you will have to pay a separate ticket and if not leave it in a small locker before the entrance. In others directly you will be told that it is forbidden, like inside the temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel. It is not uncommon in the tombs, and even though it is forbidden, the guards will tell you that they can turn a blind eye as long as you bring a. Baksheesh It’s up to you now.

Types of transportation in Egypt

Holidays To Egypt Advice

Getting around by public transport, especially over long distances, is easy and cheap.

  • Domestic flight in Egypt

Domestic flight in Egypt are more used for tourists, especially since it is very comfortable. For example, the journey from Cairo to Luxor takes about 1 hour, and also the best way to travel from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo is to spend 1 day in Cairo to see the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum is by flying.
It is important to remember that the reservation of seats on domestic flights in Egypt, for the routes from Cairo to Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm el Sheik, Marsa Alam, etc. it is not difficult to make the usual trips in this area so it is recommended to plan it to get the most out of it.
Baggage Allowance with Domestic flight
For your domestic flights, allows only one suitcase of a maximum of 23 kilos.
Hand luggage allowed up to 8 kilos. Additionally, one personal accessory is allowed, such as a lady’s handbag, a small backpack, etc.

  • Sleeper train in Egypt

The night train (sleeper train) from Cairo to Aswan or train journey from Cairo to Luxor costs about 100 USD for tourists.
The trains in fact maybe even better: the seats are spacious and you sleep comfortably.
On trains, you can order both dinner and breakfast (included on tickets).

  • Go bus in Egypt

The long-distance buses, those of the Go Bus, are fantastic, but you have to take the more luxurious ones if you want to travel comfortably. Elite buses are the best: personal airplane type screens, two floors, clean, free coffee and tea, and a “survival kit” with sandwich, water, and some sweets is included. They travel safely and are really comfortable.
The long-distance buses travel between all the most tourist destinations in Egypt.

Egypt tours advice

Holidays To Egypt Advice

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