The Grand Egyptian Museum: Preserving Egypt’s Heritage for Future Generations

The Grand Egyptian Museum: Bridging Past and Present Through History

Introduction to the Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) also known as the Giza Museum is an archaeological museum under construction in Giza, Egypt. Located next to the Giza Pyramids, the Museum will host over 100,000 artifacts that belong to the ancient Egyptian civilization, including the complete Tutankhamun collection, and is set to be the largest archaeological museum in the world. Many pieces in its collection will be displayed for the first time. The museum is sited on a plot of land of about 490,000 square metres (5,300,000 sq ft) which makes it the world’s biggest museum, approximately 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) from the Giza pyramid complex and was built as part of a new master plan for the Giza Plateau called Giza 2030. we offer limited tours to test site readiness and the visitor experience ahead of the official opening. Access is currently limited to the Grand Hall, commercial area, and exterior gardens. All other interior spaces, including access to the galleries and collections, are restricted until the official opening. When it is completed, the Grand Egyptian Museum just outside of Cairo on the Giza Plateau (and next door to the Pyramids) will not only be the new crown jewel of Egypt, but it will also be one of the largest, most modern, and most renowned museums in the entire world.

Location &Area of the grand Egyptian museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is located a few miles west of Cairo, and just two kilometers from the Pyramids of Giza, and is built on an area of 117 acres.The “Hengan Bing” Company won the museum’s architectural design competition, and “Atelier Buchner” company won the museum’s exhibition. As for the construction works, “Orascom Construction Industries” won it with Besix Company. The museum also includes a children’s museum, an educational center, a handicraft center, educational classes, a museum dedicated to the sun boats, and the first field of a hanging obelisk. Because the museum is located in front of the pyramids of Giza, the facade was designed in the form of triangles, each range being divided into smaller triangles in a symbolic frame of the pyramids, according to a mathematical theory of a Polish scientist talking about the endless division of the shape of triangle. The museum buildings are located on an area of 100 thousand square meters, including 45 thousand meters for the museum exhibition, and the remaining area includes a library specialized in Egyptology, a conference center, research center, laboratories for restoration, a three-dimensional cinema, places for serving visitors such as restaurants, shops selling reproductions and gifts, and a parking.

What does the Grand Egyptian Museum contain?

The museum includes many archaeological and cultural treasures that characterized Egypt, and the museum will be unique in its presentation, as it will display for the first time the full collection of King Tutankhamun ‘s acquisitions, which is a 5,000 unique artifacts, and will receive the statue of King Ramses II, which was moved in 2006 to its new final site In the lobby of the Grand Egyptian Museum. The Grand Egyptian Museum , also, includes a special hall to display the coffins of ” Al-Assasif ” coming from Luxor, which were found by the Egyptian mission in October,2019 in Al-Assasif Archaeological Cemetery. The museum will shad the light on the recent discovery’s archaeological, historical and artistic value which includes distinguished group of 30 colorful coffins for men, women and children, in a good condition as their colors are clear and patterns are complete. The mission revealed the coffins in their case as the ancient Egyptian left where they were closed coffins inside the mummies and grouped in a cache in two levels one above the other, the first level contains 18 coffins and the second level is to other 12 ones. The Grand Egyptian Museum is to be the world’s largest museum of antiquities which gathers ancient and modern civilizations to receive 5 million visitors annually. Furthermore, the museum includes commercial and recreational services, a restoration center as well as the museum park, in which trees are planted being known to the ancient Egyptian. The museum includes more than 100,000 artifacts from the Pharaonic, Greek and Roman eras, which will revive the tourism sector in Egypt. The museum costs a billion dollars, and more than 5 thousand people have worked in it; they are engineer, technician and workers in cooperation with international experiences in this field. The Grand Egyptian Museum grants its visitors a different and exceptional experience that reflects the greatness of the Egyptian civilization in a modern style to be a model of mixing originality, modernity, history and modern science. Moreover, the museum placed in a distinguished location in front of the pyramids of Giza where the tourist can take pictures of “Sylvie” with the pyramids while enjoying watching the King Tutankham Amon’s stuff.

What you should know before visiting the Grand Egyptian Museum?

  1. Limited parking spaces are available.
  2. Free entry tickets are only available at the museum’s main ticket counters for children under 6 years of age.
  3. It is not allowed to bring food and drinks from outside.
  4. Non-professional, non-commercial personal photography using small portable cameras and cell phones is permitted.
  5. The use of professional photographic equipment, cameras with removable lenses, photography lights, tripods and flying cameras is prohibited.

Egyptian Museum vs. The GEM

Does the Grand Egyptian Museum come to decrease the value of the Egyptian Museum? It is a common question that comes to most minds, but the answer is no. Especially the Egyptian museum has its great history with a great and valuable extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. As it has about 120,000 artifacts.
There is no tour complete without visiting the Egyptian museum. But the Grand Egyptian Museum (The GEM) comes to tell us more facts about the ancient Egyptians with unique artifacts. That adds more value for the pharaonic’ antiquities, and Egypt still has more to offer.
After this exciting time you will spend, you can go into the Grand Egyptian Museum Gift Shop. There, you take a souvenir

Grand Egyptian Museum Ticket Prices

Entrance Ticket Details For The Grand Egyptian Museum

Ticket prices for non-Egyptians:

  • GEM Tour (adult) : 1,000 EGP
  • GEM Tour (youth, age 6 – 21 years old) : 500 EGP
  • GEM Tour (student, age up to 30 years old) : 500 EGP
  • Children Museum Tour (age 6 – 12 years old): 500 EGP
  • Children Museum Tour (adult guardian) : 250 EGP

Ticket Prices for Egyptians:

  • GEM Tour (adult) : 150 EGP
  • GEM Tour (youth, age 6 – 21 years old) : 75 EGP
  • GEM Tour (student, age up to 30 years old) : 75 EGP
  • Children Museum Tour (age 6 – 12 years old) : 150 EGP
  • Children Museum Tour (adult guardian) : 75 EGP

Please note that ID and student ID will be required on site


The Grand Egyptian Museum is the biggest museum in the world devoted to just one culture, and The Grand Egyptian Museum’s Entrance Hall and Grand Staircase have accomplished 99.8% of their completion goals. More than 4,700 artefacts from King Tutankhamun’s treasures have been placed in their locations in the 99 percent finished King Tutankhamun’s Hall in the Grand Egyptian Museum.

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